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We know the underlying data that is hidden from the average investor. If you want to make the best possible real estate deals, make sure you have a HomeMaxi agent as your partner!

The calculator below helps illustrate if the price is right. If your current subject home needs renovation, then you can see if the total cost is too much for the area in general. Alternatively, if the result is in the green area on the scale below, you might be looking at a property with flip potential and hidden equity. 

Are you looking for a more specific average price for, let’s say, pool homes in a specific neighborhood? Then fill out the form below, and we will be happy to help you with a comparable average price for the area of interest.

Request average sq.ft. price

Please type in the property you are interested in, in the question/comment field below. That will give us all the information we need to find comparable sold listings for the area. The sq.ft. price extracted will be the sq.ft. you can use for the area in the top slider. We will try to email you the same business day.

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