Selling your Home in SW Florida
2019 • Sarasota or Charlotte County, FL

Two factors play a major role when selling real estate. It is PRICE and MARKETING. Price is influenced by the state of the property for sale. A better presentation (preparing the property for professional pictures, video, etc.) can yield a higher price. Marketing is key to get the message out to as many potential buyers as possible. Great marketing support price and is often what makes faster sales.

We know the Sarasota & Charlotte County Real Estate Market. The two counties are unique and diverse. They harbor hundreds of communities each having its own characteristics. Each neighborhood appeals to different buyers. Prices for homes range from as little as $50,000 to currently $16.5 Million (this link). To obtain the highest possible sales price for your home, the marketing must reach the right buyers with the right message. We have the network and experience to do this.

Sarasota County and Charlotte County areas we cover

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You need a partner that has the Creative Talent to Showcase Your Home

The old adage, "You can't judge a book by its cover" is passé today. This is a fast-paced, image-oriented society in which we live. First impressions really do count! Every piece of information on your property, whether it be a brochure, the wording in the Multiple Listing Service, a presence on the Internet, or a well-placed advertisement, must show your home in the best possible light.

During all phases of a listing from the initial paperwork and promotion through the very last details of the closing, we personally attend to all of the details. As a result, the large majority of our transactions come through referrals and repeat business.

The selling phases through to closing

Our added value points bring you and your home safe through the selling process. Among our 150+ point checklist are;

  • Initial Consult and Sales Price Determination
  • Verifying property details, appraiser records, and area details
  • Providing you with the 7 point improvement plan that can bring a higher selling price
  • Property preparation phase. We standby to help with staging and fixup ideas
  • Professional photo session for optimal perceived value
  • Drone and on-ground video session
  • 3-D photo session
  • Marketing package preparation
  • Property website with Hollywood Style Video, Pictures, 3-D and floorplan
  • Listing on the MLS and 700+ additional real estate websites
  • Social media marketing to highly targeted buyers
  • Weekly Market Report so you can follow the activity around
  • Contract negotiation
  • Inspection and contingencies oversight
  • Closing - yes, we are with you all the way
  • After closing activity. We still have several points on our checklist that takes place, after everything is said and done

Your 100% satisfaction is our single most important goal. You can rest assured everything is done to perfection, on time, and with the highest level of attentive client service.

Example of Open House Video for Social Media Channels

This home was an unsuccessful "For Sale by Owner" case when we arrived. We helped with a few suggested improvements and staging.

After a successful marketing campaign, the house was sold for $40,000 above the previous "For Sale By Owner" list price.

Contact us for a free no-obligation consulting meeting where we can provide you with your homes most likely value under different scenarios. You might want to sell quickly for a fair price or you might want to get the most for your home and are ready to make a few changes. We can help with different selling strategies such as;

  • Sell within 48 hours to one of our cash investors
  • Sell at the best price in the open market
  • Renovate, stage and sell for optimal top price

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